A Beginner’s Guide to Content Creation

Content creation is the creation of any information, details to any media platform be it social media, blogs, magazines, newspaper and so on for the purposes of informing, influencing, selling or impacting the end user (your audience, followers, customers, clients)

It is through your content that people get to know you, your brand, your product; what you can offer and whether you can proffer solutions to their problems.

You must create content to be seen,whether it is through pictures, videos, texts, memes and so on.

A. Things you have to know about your Audience:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Identify a problem people have around you or your industry and provide solutions to it.
  3. Medium of Approach (Content Marketing Strategy)
  4. Pick a niche

B. Things to know about your content:

  1. Understanding what you want to create content about.
  2. Current/”Up to date” Content.
  3. Language and Vocabulary Mastery.
  4. Use simple words that even an uneducated person will be able to understand it.

The following the strategies will help you create tons of content in few hours:

  1. Hold a Q/A sessions on your social media accounts or pages.
  2. Create listicles.
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Attend events, volunteer, networks, take free and paid courses.
  5. Get better at your content creation game.
  6. Content Creation Strategy.
  7. Focus, Determination, Perseverance,Active voice and Patience.

There are tools, apps,softwares that will help you create content easily, make it appealing and attractive to the eyes.You can create cool images, videos, audio, animation, meme, GIFs, slides and others.

The following are some of the tools:
A. Graphic and Image Tools.

  1. Canva: You can create your own flyer, banner and so on. It has so many templates you can choose from. It helps your posts on social media or blogs look attractive, appealing and illustrative.
  2. Image Quote: It has cool background picture templates you can add your quotes to. You just add your words to the images there.
  3. Quozio
  4. Quotes Cover are other apps that has the same function as Image Quote.
  5. Pixel Lab
  6. 6.Snappi are also graphic designing apps.

B. Video and Animation Tools:

  1. Plotagon App: You can build your own character, dress them ;add given scenes and put your own words. You can even use your voice. It us free to an extent.
  2. Platoon: It helps to create appealing videos (non animated and animated videos) in few minutes.
  3. Render forest: It is an online video and animation maker. It is a free tool for creating professional intros, animation videos, slideshows in few minutes.
  4. Render forest: It is an online video and animation maker. It is a free tool for creating professional intros, animation videos, slideshows in few minutes.

C. Screen Recording and Capture Tools.
These tools help in recording of information, texts, slides, voice on your phone or laptop screen while you use your device.
Some of these tools are:

  1. Cloud App
  2. Kap(for Mac Os
  3. Screen O mastic
  4. Camstasia
  5. Nimbus Capture

D. Meme Creation Tools

Memes are often funny visual images and text that can help you build engagement, get more followers or pass a message across.
Some of these meme tools are:

  1. Meme
  2. Kapwing
  3. Make a meme
  4. Meme buddy: there are online meme generators that allows you add your own image and text.
    With meme buddy, you can make a meme using your voice with the help of Google Assistant.

E. Presentation Tools:
These are tools used to make appealing presentation slides.

  1. Powerpoint slides.
  2. Presentation maker
  3. Google Slides
  4. E maze
  5. Prezi
    These 25 content creation tools that will aid you in content creation.

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