Latest Project | WeJosRock To Launch Her Official Website

In September 2011, WeJosRock was created as a social media platform that shares stories birthed in Jos via digital marketing and communications platform. Since then, exploring the new media space continued to be the work at WeJosRock.

According to the founder, Daniel Gomagallah Herbert, WeJosRock offers excellent digital marketing services; branding, social media management, advertisement, public relations, content creation, graphic design amongst others. The brand will offer a creative hub in ICT for young people in Plateau State. From the background of the creation of the brand, the need for a conscious redirection of Nigerian news and other happenings in Plateau State can never be overemphasized. It will be telling stories about the Nigerian heritage and the creative talents we have, especially in and from Jos.

Our team worked tirelessly on this project to put together an excellent website for WeJosRock. Let’s take you on an imaginary tour of the website before it goes live tomorrow. The SIGHTS AND SOUNDS showcase the country through the lenses of its creativity up to the Plateau; a starting point of this dream. Then BUSINESSES IN JOS – an online business hub; a platform to you can leverage for advertising your products and/or services.

The website takes you on a tour of many places and other happenings in Jos; Businesses in Jos, Schools in Jos, Local Markets in Jos, Hotels in Jos, Clubs, lounges and restaurants & Spots in Jos, Tourism and culture in Plateau State, Agriculture in Plateau State. And on a wider range, TOURISM IN NIGERIA.

On the BUSINESS HUB, WeJosRock will show you where to buy or get some goods or services while in Jos.
On the WeJosRock website, they bring you stories about Nigerians doing extraordinary and remarkable things abroad.

The website will officially go live on Saturday, 12 September 2020. Visit via

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