Top Influencer Marketers From Jos You Should Work With In 2022

For most of this year, we have been involved in many influencer marketing gigs, we have worked with a number of brands to execute their campaigns. 65% of marketers say that they will increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses influencers to promote a brand to a larger market. Influencers are opinion leaders with a social following base. They appear as experts or trustworthy sources of information.

Neil Patel, influencer marketing is crucial in the age of social media and ad fatigue. This channel helps build trust for your brand and drives impressive results. Now, let’s move on to the other benefits influencer marketing provides.

As more marketing campaigns will be rolled out next year, we curated a list of some of the top influencers in Northern Nigeria who have influenced various brands including UN Women, WeJosRock, Crispan Suites and Event Centre, Cravins Icecream.

We present you with our list of the top social media influencers you should work it in 2022.

Catherine Samuel


Social Mallam

On Air Personality

Msendoo Gargadi

Digital Marketer

Margaret Ebulue

On Air Personality

Johnstone Kpilaakaa

Brand Storyteller

Joey Shekwonuzhibo

New Media Expert

Erdoo Juliana Ahua

Broadcast Journalist

Celestine Audu

Social Media Influencer

Lengka Gowong

Medical Professional

Stephynie Agida

Broadcast Journalist

Nenkinan Deshi

New Media Expert

Abigail Abok

Content Writer

Nankpak Cirfat

Broadcast Journalist

Ruth Damar


DG Herbert

New Media Expert

Shugar Peter

Digital Marketer

Bunmi Fatima

Digital Marketer

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